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We have three financing options available for our customers.

Option One

1st Bank has options available such as a 0% credit card, equity line, etc. CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION. If you're interested, call Lindsay Shaw at 602-431-4653 or email to see what works best for you.

Option Two

Wells Fargo Home Improvement Credit Card. This card can be used for home improvement items only. Click on the image below if you would like to apply. Note* Wells Fargo will run your credit. If you do not want your credit run, consider option three, below.

Wells Fargo At-Home Financing

Option Three

Microf Rent to Own Lease Option. Microf does not check your credit, rather they determine your eligibility based on income. There are also discounts for early payoff. If you are interested, click the image below. Please have your paystub and bank info handy.

Microf Financing (RTO)

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