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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Remove the dirty filter. Turn the FAN to ON on the thermostat. Place the new filter in the return air grill and let the system “pull” it in place. Once in place, secure the cover and turn the FAN back to AUTO.

A: Filters should be changed monthly when the system is in use.

A: Pleated filters are better than non-pleated.

A: Spring maintenance for your AC unit is like an oil change and fluid check for your car. Maintenance checks allow the technician to check and lubricate all the moving parts, check drain lines and refrigerant in your system to make sure there aren’t any issues. With maintenance, potential problems can be corrected before they become an emergency.

A: Heat maintenance for your gas unit can uncover cracks in the furnace. Cracks can emit carbon monoxide (the silent killer).

A: Yes, we work weekends by appointment and emergencies only on holidays.

A: Yes. 30% of all calls are the result of a poor maintenance. Preventative maintenance is to your heating/cooling system what oil changes are to your car. Not only will it help your system run better and last longer, but you could also void your manufacturer’s warranty if the system is not maintained properly.

A: Yes, CLICK HERE to learn more.

A: Yes, we offer military, veterans and senior discounts – 10% on parts.

A: Rebates are offered by the utility companies and manufacturers. We will be more than happy to fill out all the necessary paperwork for you. CLICK HERE for Rebate Information

A: That’s a good question and exactly why we wrote this SEER Rating Energy Savings Calculator article.

Air Conditioning Tips

Filters should be changed monthly (at minimum).

Look for air leaks around your windows and doors and seal them up.

Make sure your attic is well ventilated. Sometimes insulation or other things will block your vents costing you more money.

The intense Arizona sun coming through your windows can contribute to an additional heat load in your home. Think about investing in sun screens or keep the drapes or shades on your windows closed during the hot part of the day.

Computers, flat screen TV’s and gaming units produce a lot of heat. Consider turning them off when they are not in use.

You can also reduce your cooling costs by planting shade trees or tall bushes around your home. The sun usually is hottest in the afternoon so the best spot to plant shade trees and bushes blocking the sun is on the west side of your house.

Before calling an AC tech

In an effort to save time and money, please check the following things before calling an AC tech.

Make sure your thermostat is set to ON. Someone in your house could have accidently bumped into the thermostat, turning it off. You suddenly realize that in the Arizona summer heat of 100+ that you don’t have AC and panic. Stay cool and check your thermostat to make sure it’s in the ON position before calling an HVAC Technician to come out and diagnose the problem.

Check the circuit breaker for the air conditioning unit. Your problem could be as simple as resetting the circuit breaker.

Check to see if you have a dirty filter. A clogged filter can cause the system to not start correctly.

If your thermostat is not holding the temperature you set, check the batteries.

If your fan is “always running”, check to see if you have it set to ON rather than AUTO. Sometimes people set the fan to ON when they change their filter, then forget to set it back to AUTO once they are done.

During cold weather, it is important that you do not turn your thermostat off or above 75 degrees.

During cold months, frost and ice may appear on the outside unit. When the system goes into a defrost cycle, the noise of your heat pump will change and steam may appear. This is normal.

Also, during the defrost cycle, the system will blow cold air through your vents. Once everything is defrosted, the system will blow warm air again. This process can take 15 minutes. If your system blows cold air longer than 15 minutes, you may have a problem.

Don’t turn your thermostat off during a defrost cycle.

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